Wednesday, November 26, 2008


One thing I was very happy about and that is that I got to practice my Russian as most of the people I hanged out with did not speak English. Now this turns against me as I have Russian words in my head instead of English.

Georgia in my opinion is a country of huge extremes and I am still trying to absorb that. Tbilisi is a very beautiful city, the architecture is amazing, there are many churches, lots of colourful houses... On the other hand, Georgia no matter what is still a poor country and most of the houses lived through better times...

Georgia has very strong traditions and we got to experience them during our trip. As the time passes by though I think these traditions will slowly cease away... as when meeting older generation and younger one, there seems to be sometimes vast difference. What I though appreaciate on their nation is their pride for "what is Georgian". That shows for example in listening to national Georgian music (I do not know too many young Czech people that listen to our Lidovky in a car while driving :o)).

I am listening just now to one song that my friend taped on her camera in Tbilisi. She was invited for a wedding by a person she does business with. As this person insisted she comes, my friend took us along. We joined in to the wedding while the "party" was going on. There were two men singing songs, be it modern Russian, European / US or traditional Georgian. This one song that I am listening to is traditional Georgian and from the very first moment I listened to it I was mesmerized... that does not happen to me too often :o).

Whatever picture I have created above with my words only says that my thoughts are not yet in place and I feel very confused about what I have experienced. But that is the best time to write...



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