Friday, July 18, 2008

Still awake...

I am still awake although my body keeps on trembling from exhaustion... I spent my first night at work. I worked till 4.30am, then slept for two hours on two cushions while freezing so much, to get up after 6am and continue working.

The striking part is that our main boss made us dinner last night as well as made me breakfast today!

The deadline for our project was today by 4pm when we had to hand it in to the Ministry. We finished all work by 2.20pm. We had 20min before the bus was going when my supervisor said "we must have forgotten something, as there are 20min left!" I froze. That was the last thing I wanted to hear. Suddenly her eyes dropped onto a bottle of wine, when she shouted "that is what it is, we have 20min to drink". So we drank some wine and then set of for the bus. The timing is simply way too important.

There is nothing as good as looong shower.
And the darn horse-fly bites are extremely itchy till today.

Tomorrow I have a day off. I mean it is Saturday. And I get to do nothing. Nice :o).



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