Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eid streets

Eid mubarak was heard all over tonight. We went out to eat with our Czech friends. Funnily enough we ended up eating at Pizza Hut (all other restaurants in the area were closed?!) and those who have been to developing countries do understanding that rather rich locals go to such places. That is why the eating turned into watching all the made up girls with stunning make-ups and expensive saries as well as men being all dressed up in their national clothes. Surprisingly enough the streets that usually were full of poor locals and riksha drivers completely changed and were filled with rather rich Bengali driving their expensive cars and enjoying the Eid with their friends. To be entirely honest i would have loved to just sit at some spot unnoticed and watch all what is going on. This is the side of Bangladesh that does not really get to be revealed much... the suffering, beggars, rikshas, that is what usually seems so typical for Bangladesh.

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