Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bangladeshi news - 1

Well, I thought I will have more chances to go on the internet. It is available here but there seems to be no time. We came to Dhaka early morning on Monday and had several meetings with local organizations. On Tuesday morning (I personally call it night) we flew to Chittagong, the second largest city of Bangladesh. The whole Tuesday and Wednesday we spent in a car driving through out the region. The cool part was passing through the restricted zones which meant getting out of car, signing ourselves into military books, waiting for aproval from 'higher' places (since the communications is problematic due to the hilly area of the region) for half hour or more and then reaching the Bay of Bengal and getting our feet soaked in the warm sea water.

The weather is really hot here and getting home by late nights is tiring. Plus the nights are kind of tough... but otherwise it is incredible. I hope I will get a chance to write more soon. As for now, back to work.


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