Sunday, December 17, 2006


I met an Iraqi person few days ago. He was very nice and distinguished older man of very well manners. I considered him Egyptian when starting to talk to him and asking for directions when he told me to be Iraqi.

And then I thought "Wow, the first Iraqi person I have met in my life. Met and talked to." And in that moment I wondered how many other nationalities I have never seen or met or talked to before.

These I have definitely talked to: Czech, Slovak, Austrian, German, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Macedonian, Bosnian, Croatian, Slovinian, Italian, Swiss, French, Spanish, Belgian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic, British, Irish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Russian, Moldavian, Azeri, Armenian, Georgian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Tajik, Kyrgyz, Belorussian, Maltese, Greek, Tunisian, Morroccan, Egyptian, Nigerian, South African, Kenyan, Ghanyan, Peruvian, Colombian, Mexican, Brasil, Argentinian, CostaRican, American, Canadian, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, New Zealander, Australian, Phillipino, Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistan, Izraeli, Jordanese, .. hmm... it is late and I sit here, try to picture the map and remember if I left out someone...

So few nationalities and still so many nationalities left... good I did not think what sort of ethnic group he is... I think it would take me rather long time to write down all the ethnicities :o)))... sadly, I doubt I even know half of the ethnic names.



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