Thursday, August 03, 2006


Martina, would you like to order something for lunch from Bon Apetit?
Yep, I will have the Fajita sandwich. Will Omar order too?
I will find out.


Omar would like to order from Hardees.
Oh, but he should be a gentleman and order from Bon Apetit, since both you and me would prefer that. :o)
I told him so, but he said he will persuade you easily to order from Hardees.
Oh, hmm, :o)) let me go talk to him.


Omar, Nesreen told me you would like Hardees. So, please, as you try to persuade me, look here at the menu and choose a Bon Apetit sandwich.


Nesreen, two Bon Apetit Fajita sandwiches for me and Omar. ;o)



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