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auch... :o)

"who can diss egypt more"

Apparently there's a competition between nevernever and etravels on nomadlife

you ask me why i hate trainees?

Oh… have I missed something!? Has my company complained about the way I work? Am I too irresponsible and take too long to understand what my job description is? Do I come late to work and leave too early? Do I act arrogant towards my co-workers? Am I dependable and annoy aiesecers too much with my complains? Do I require too many services from aiesecers? Am I unable to shop for myself and need someone to walk me home in the evening? Do I complain about my accommodation? Do I gossip about aiesecers behind their backs? Do I have a communication problem? Am I too immature to be able to discuss with others their different opinions?

Well, if none of this is the problem then I see no reason, Luli, why should specifically you complain about me as a trainee… So far all the aiesecers that DID TAKE INTEREST in me have done a great job and I hope I did show enough appreciation for their work.

On the other hand if you have any problem with my opinions and perceptions of Egypt, then you are more than welcome to comment on my blog or even make time and meet me in a café and discuss whatever problem you have. Some of my opinions are negative but there are also a lot of things that I see in positive way… and to be honest, your approach as an old aiesecer and Egyptian does not exactly positively influence my opinion about Egypt, your hospitability and friendliness. It is thanks to people like May, Semi, Bahaa, Omar, Dody, the Silverkey employees and my co-workers at Kia who make me think about Egypt in a very good way and I am sad to say that those that seem to create the core of Egypt on nomadlife do not exactly fall into this category.

I am 26 years old, I have 6 years of aiesec experience and I at least pretend to be open-minded and friendly towards those that come to my country as I know that the way I behave will definitely leave an impact on how they will perceive the Czech Republic. And if I see that someone has a problem with my country or some of its aspects/traditions, I do not get blindly offended but I might as well try to explain these cultural differences and have the people understand better my culture and hopefully have them become to like it and have them want to come back again. ;o)

By the way, what are the indicators according to which you decide for the winner?! I can as well strive for the excellence in something :o).



Blogger Superluli said...

Well Marta, your first mistake is attributing me to AIESEC now.
I am not part of AIESEC anymore so my opinions of what you say are simply about what i read on your blog.

I find it offensive - my first reaction when i read your blog is "why is she here?"
The negative experiences dominate your blog, and they are stated in a way of "things are shit".
I know other trainees or non-trainees who also have negative experiences, but strangely enough when i read their experiences i find it funny.
I get a really negative vibe from your blog!
Of course you are free to say whatever you want and i am also free to get whatever impression i get.

The reason why i dislike trainees is because a good number come in and have this negative attitude, they find everything annyoing and strange, and fail to enjoy those peculiar differences.
This "expat" attitude is found in a considerable amount of trainees and it bothers me.
It bothers me that you (not just you) come to my country and complain about Arab men and about manners among other things.
It bothers me even more that you think nothing is wrong with that!

There are some trainees that are exceptions, and if you notcie they are really good friends of mine.

I used to be extremly passionate about changing trainee's lives and making an impact, but in my 5 years of AIESEC work i have seen too many people with your atitude and it really brings me down.

10:08 AM, August 03, 2006  
Blogger Mart'a said...

Luli, you have met me once and you have not talked to me for a single minute and that was even before I started to post negative things on my blog about Egypt... so you know nothing about my attitude, nothing about my character, nothing about how I feel and why I write things like that... and if you excuse me, I find it extremely silly to judge someone and create a picture of someone according to what he/she posts on her blog... that is a lame excuse to condemn people and laziness to actually take your time to get to know the people.

You have been in aiesec and thus one thing you could have noticed is that coming to a country which has totally different culture could cause something of a cultural shock. And each person deals with it differently. I have been to a number of countries and as you see not even that got me ready for Egypt... :o))

And yes, trainees can be very annoying and I also had my share of them and yes, I know it is very easy to throw them all into one bag and label them "negative, annoying trainees that should get out of my country". I did that before too (hihi, with pleasure) and after few years in aiesec I also did not bother to actually get to know them better :o))... BUT I would never openly and publicly judge a person/trainee if I never met her or talked to her and if i actually did not ensure that she is as big dumb negative close-minded ass as some things might suggest. I prefer to make sure before I make the final judgement. But that is me and my way of dealing with things. ;o) You are free to do and say whatever you want.

This upcoming Wednesday I am cooking some Czech food for few of my Egyptian friends at Dody's place so you are welcome to come and actually see for yourself the horid and negative person I am. I promise I wont put poison in the food :o)).

11:41 AM, August 03, 2006  
Blogger Superluli said...

marta - i didn't judge you. I talk about "feelings" "impressions" "vibes". I believe this is very different from passing judgements.

I cannot control what feelings or vibes i get when i read your blog -it just happens.
I can control my judgement of you - and the fact that i find your blog negative and not very flattering to my country doesn't mean you are an evil person it just means i disagree with this attitude.

Thank you for the invitation but i am travelling for the next two weeks and i am back in cairo on the 20th - we could get together then. My first impression of you was "there's a nice girl" and i am sure i would find that out even more when i see you more - and you might see that i am not that bad myself.

But i really hope you could give egypt a chance and be more positive about your experience

11:57 AM, August 03, 2006  
Blogger Mart'a said...

:o) well, another time then.

And dont worry, I will definitely give Egypt a chance (I think I would be long gone if I did not want to :o) )... my problem is that I put down on my blog things that instantly annoy me... and I put down things that I find different from my country to sort of create a picture of Egypt... on the other hand, I am quite private person where my feelings are concerned and thus unfortunately things that make me happy do not really appear on the blog... yet :o)

But I am quite sure that as some more days pass, the posts on my blog will slowly turn into more positive ones... :o))

See you when you come back.

12:20 PM, August 03, 2006  
Blogger Eric said...


5:45 PM, August 03, 2006  
Blogger Mart'a said...

:o)) thank you! Hopefully soon :o)

9:43 AM, August 06, 2006  
Blogger Holly said...

did Eric really just say 'HUGS!!!!'?

What the heck happened to you in Germany?

12:57 PM, August 07, 2006  
Blogger Mart'a said...

I am afraid, it might be different Eric... this one is non-aiesec one, so much more confusing :o).

2:24 PM, August 07, 2006  
Blogger Mart'a said...

hahaha, auch, now it is me who got totally confused... :o)))... I wonder who was supposed to get those hugs... and I am pretty positive I dont know this Eric :o)))... but still nice you come by, both you and Holly. :o))

9:27 AM, August 08, 2006  
Blogger Eric said...

haha, I read Luli's blog on this first...thought "wow..." and then had to read both this blog and the other one...anxiously waiting for the fight to begin ;-)

It never got as dirty as I hoped it would... Marta (who I dont konw either) is clearly too nice and used her power to calm The Luli.

It turned into an after school special though: two girls with differing opinions, sharing their feelings, crying a little perhaps...and then yeah, giggles a big cheesy hug.

11:56 AM, August 08, 2006  
Blogger Mart'a said...

hahahaha... this is only too cool comment :o)))))... so many comments exchanged between me and Luli and you summarize it so nicely... :o)).. well done

12:31 PM, August 08, 2006  

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