Sunday, July 30, 2006


We have been to the Egyptian Museum on Saturday. I am afraid I am not some big museum freak and thus I regard this as one obligation fulfilled. :o)

The chamber of Tutankhamon was great though, but I think seeing the mask and the coffin in the actual tomb in the Kings Valley would be wayyy different. I wonder how did Carter feel when he opened the tomb years back and found all the treasures and the mummy of Tutankhamon...

There were also some dry bodies to be seen for another 35LE, fortunately I am still a student, comes useful once in a while. But to be honest, seeing that was amazing... I cant imagine that those bodies actually do belong to someone who ruled Egypt thousands of years back.. Seti, Ramsese, Tuthmose...

If tomb of 18 year old boy was so rich on burial gifts (the tomb of Tutankhamon), how must have the tombs of kings that ruled Egypt for decades looked like ... I wonder if all those treasures got stolen and lost or whether some might have just been stored/hid somewhere ... Well, the time might show :o).



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