Wednesday, July 12, 2006

There are two things on my mind that I want to blog about... but I will keep them secret as I usually do -- though tempted to say it. :o)
I had no expectations. I am very happy.

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Anonymous Alison said...

So you are in Egypt now? Wow, you get around, and it's great to read about what you have to say. I really enjoy your site Martina.

Your writing style is witty and interesting and I enjoy reading from your perspective. You may find Samoan men similar to Egyptian men, I had a similar experience when I was there some years ago!

And while it became annoying fairly quickly, it was certainly flattering to the ego too! : )

I like your pics - v. cool.

You should't "drip-feed" hints about what you are TEMPTED to say - now we're left thinking "WHAT? WHAT IS IT?!"

C u

7:36 AM, July 14, 2006  
Blogger Mart'a said...

hahaha, Al, you always get the full story anyways :o)). I will email you some more.

Regarding the blog, I will try to write something sensible soon :o))).

Take care and thank you!

1:03 PM, July 18, 2006  

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