Sunday, July 23, 2006


Exactly a week after my arrival to Egypt, Jana made it to Cairo too. We picked her up at the airport and got dropped at my place by 4am. I quickly did some packing and by 5.3oam, Jana and me were stepping at the Ramses train station. At 6.30am we were off with some other aiesecers and trainees for a conference to Mersamatrouah.

The train ride was loooooong. Already 6 hours on train, after sleepless night sounded horrible. 6 hours turned to 8, "welcome to egypt". Walking would be faster. :o)

Mersamatrouh, paradise for trainees, hell for aiesecers. Mersamatrouah, a sleepy town on the north coast of Egypt, with blue blue sea and white sandy and rocky beaches. Place full of sea resorts, where mainly Egyptian come for tourism. Hehe, though I bet even Egyptian come seldom, due to the endless ride from Cairo. :P

Trainees agenda:
sleeping on Thursday afternoon,
some more sleep at night interrupted by the 4am arrival of the rest of the trainees.
Friday morning plenary,
later on some discussions and sessions.
Afternoon swimming with 5am lunch break,
some more swimming,
truth or dare game at night and some mini session.
Saturday morning trip,
some more swimming and hanging out
closing plenary,
trip back home.
In other words - t o u g h w o r k :P

AIESECers agenda:
Thursday, work till after midnight.
Friday, work till after midnight.
Saturday, work, closing plenary, hopefully early (11pm) arrival to home town.
No swimming, no parties, just envious looks.

I left Mersamatrouah on Saturday morning to come to Alexandria. The trip took not even 4 hours on the bus, I got dropped by one aiesecer at the centre by the sea and spent few hours hanging around in Alexandria. I got a company of two Egyptian girls, who spent over an hour talking to me while walking to the Alexandrian library which was 10min of walking distance from where we met :o)). The conversation was interesting, as well as all the things I found out. It helped me to make a clearer picture of how the girls in Egypt think and live. Hmm.

I met with few friends later on and joined them to visit few more places in Alexandria. We went to one excavation place (Serapeum) where the old Alexandrian library used to be and where the Pompey's pillar, a granite column which was erected by the Roman emperor Diocletian in 3rd century AD, can be found.

Later we have also visited the Catacombs. In Alexandria, there were many archaeological treasures gathered, as the treasures were either used to decorate new temples, or were prepared for transportation to other parts of the Roman Empire.

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