Monday, July 24, 2006

Maadi beach

I planned a trip to Luxor with friends. There was this 3day weekend, so an excellent idea for such a long trip. But I am afraid not only I had such an excellent idea, thus train tickets were sold out and Luxor will have to wait to see me.

I told Dody and in 5 minutes I had alternative plan. Aalia invited me to come with her and her family to the northern coast, to Maadi village, where her family just bought a summer house.

We left already on Thursday morning, two cars, lots of family members, all of them great sense of humour, thus assurance for a great weekend in their company. The trip takes some two hours, passing through desert road. But soon the sea opens in front of us and I was completely stunned. I have never seen such beautiful colour of sea. I do not like beaches or sea too much, but this sea was simply too beautiful not to enjoy it and the white sand beach too gorgeous not to touch (till you find out the sand wont leave your body even when forced).

We made it to the village, unpacked the car and went for a stroll across the village. There were lots of little villas, lots of blossoming flowers and in the back white beach and turquoise blue sea. We put our swim suits on and spend the whole afternoon at the sea. Mind, I am white girl with white body, very white body... or shall I say I was white girl with white body? I still hurt till today, how burnt I got. Hihi, from the front only though...

In the evening I finally learnt how to play backgammon. I lose several times and I go to sleep. :o)

The next day is again to be spent by the beach. I try to even my colouring, but this time carefully, as I do not want to get burnt form the back too. We rent a villa as there should be few guys coming for the night from Aalias work. We spend afternoon washing the sheets, including ourselves and cleaning the house a bit.

On Saturday I joined the guys to return to Alexandria. They went for their final diving lesson, while I acted as the main photographer and went into the boat with them to the open sea. Advice, do not accompany friends on a boat if they go diving ... there is no return and the waves are big, and the stomach gets weaker and weaker... :o)). But on the other hand, it was really cool experience and I really enjoyed it once back on the bank :o))).



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