Sunday, June 04, 2006

campaign and elections...

100 seats for right vs. 100 seats for left

green party that is right wing (wonder if it is the only right wing green on the planet)

chief of right wing party accuses the chief of left wing party to be in contacts with mafia

chief of elite police team accuses the chief of the left wing party of rape of 15yo daughter of his friend

the chief of left wing party refuses to shake the hand of the chief of the right wing party after they won

former member of right wing party and president advisor punches one of the left wing ministers

the left wing party considers to go to the court regarding unfair elections campaign

green party says, we will not cooperate with left wing party, we wont even pick up the phone when they call (he did not know then that the right wing wont have the majority)

the media picks their favourite candidates and sides them through all the elections campaign

president being shocked how the chief of left wing party behaves (well, president is the former chief of the right wing party...)

so much crap, so much bullshit goes on in this country



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