Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spring time...

On my way to school I met a friend. He caught me by the hand as I have not noticed him and asks... so how are you doing? do you have a guy?
I have not seen him for a year or so and thus such beginning of conversation bit surprised me... Hehe... yet before I managed to answer he continues... Bavili jsme se se Sašou a myslíme si, že jsi panna, jinak bys nebyla taková odmítavá... Hahaha, wtf!!!??? (excuse my czech language).

Another 10min he tries to get information about me, I learn about his sexual life, hehe, incredible and then we part ... spring time maybe?! :o)

Not to have this sound too weird. He had a quite original way of inviting me out when we first met some 4 years ago. We sit in a class, he stares at me (who knows me, knows I hate when someone stares at me), then he draws a steaming cup on a paper and shows it to me with expectation in his eyes. I politely declined... :o)) but we have a weirdly funny friendship since then.



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