Saturday, October 08, 2005

Women crave to visit Prague... men already did.

Very nice thing happens every time I say I come from Prague. In that moment eyes of the person I speak to start to sparkle and the words that come out of his/her mouth are always the same: "I always wanted to visit Prague!" ... "Zlata Praha..." ... "I heard Prague is so beautiful...". I hear those words quite often no matter the country I am in... but in Azerbaijan you can tell that the words about my city come from their heart. You can tell that visitting Prague has really been their dream... and now after the regime changed in Azerbaijan most of them know that they will not see Prague any longer. Going to Prague is too expensive. And the recently established straight flight from Baku to Prague is like laughing to their faces.

I met a girl and she tells me how she loves Czech. That it is her favourite country. I was of course flattered by her words but to be honest I thought that she might be exagerating a wee bit with the excitement ... but suddenly she continues... "I even started to learn Czech language ... mluvim cesky...". In that moment I was really stunned! Those are the moments that I am really proud to be Czech.

But she is not the first one speaking Czech. I actually met already 3 people that studied Czech at the University (although this particular girl studies Czech in her free time!).

There were few other answers to my saying I am from Czech. Several older men answered me... yeah, yeah, I have been to the Czech Republic. We went there with the army in 1968! Those were very surprising words when I heard them the first time. But all the men recall Czech with nice memories, as most of them were just young men who might not have made it to Prague and would meet at the villages with Czechs and talk and actually make friends!

One of them told me that he was in Prague and that he was in a tank and was ordered to shoot... but he did not and went to jail for it later. I did not know what to think about his words... but he would describe the place, know the bridges and it all seemed very truthfull... I have no reason to doubt him and I even chose not to. We are all people, why would we want to kill each other!?

So many people know about Czechoslovakia, so many people know bits from our history... so many have heart of Jan "Gus" (Hus) or others... and in those moments I am bit ashamed cause to be honest how much did I know about Azerbaijan?! Not a single thing except for where it lies on the map... And see... I fly to Azerbaijan and I find here such great fans of my country! Thank you...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To je hezke :o)) Mne se stalo neco podobneho v Petrohradu. Jeden pan me vezl od Klebanovych na letiste a kdyz jsme rekla, ze jsem z Prahy, tak zasnene pravil: "Ja byl v Prage... v shesdesiat vosmom..." ;o))

12:22 AM, October 11, 2005  

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