Saturday, October 08, 2005

New homes...

In the last two weeks I already moved twice... Our office had to move to a new location... that ment that I also had to move, as I lived at the premises of the organization. My boss promised me to help me find a flat but as I needed to move out sooner than expected my collegue and friend Aynura agreed that I can live with her for some time. After a week at her place I moved to a new flat where I will stay till the end.

Two flats, two huge differences! At Aynura's there were three of us staying. Aynura, her sister and me. It was not that far away from the center. It was house with access galleries (pavlacovy dum) and already the stairs to our flat although from iron were worn out with holes in it. The flat had one little tiny kitchen with one even tinier bathroom (with the deadly gas burner) and one room where we all stayed. I was sleeping on the floor and it was sooo comfortable. The two sisters were so nice and from the very beginning I felt there like at home!

After a week I moved to a second place which was in the center of the city. It was more suitable for my work, as I had to visit a lot of organizations and thus could easily walk from the flat. BUT I even wonder if I can call my new accommodation a flat. It is huuuge. When Geof, my boss, was showing it to me, I could hardly close my mouth how astounded I was. The place is huge, there are even three greek pillars inside. I live on a 7th floor with great view over the see and I am so getting used to it... Good that I have only a week left, otherwise I would never want to move out. :o)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cau Martacku, nebojis se tam v noci sam ;o))

12:13 AM, October 11, 2005  

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