Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hot water

If you want to run a hot water in old houses in Baku, there is still necessity to turn on gas and put it on fire with a match in order to heat the water in the boiler. At my previous flat I had a regular shower, but then I moved and there was this huuuge gas burner that was to be turned on. My friend showed me how to use it and although I do have experience with gas burners, we used to have it at home, I never really fancied using it.

On one morning I am at home and I want to take a shower. I turn on the gas, wee bit only, as I was told to (plus it makes sense) and I put on fire a long bit of newspapers, cause the match is too short and one can get burnt more easily. I put the burning newspapers to the gas burner and set it on fire... I watch it also to make sure I am putting the newspapers to the right place... oups... this huuuuuuuuuuuuge flame comes out of the burner... it pretty much goes all over my face and I get very nice depilation of my hand which I used to set on the fire... I run to the mirror to make sure that I did not set on fire my hair... everything seems in place, nothing is burning... but my heart beats extremely fast, my hand is bit burnt and I only confirmed to myself that I do not like gas burners... Ok, the process is the following first put the burning newspapers to the gas burner and THEN slowly turn the gas on... Then you spare yourself a nice tan in your face! :o)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cau chcipulky, jeste, ze jsi neohorela cela... Mohlas vypadat jako ta pani u nas v pujcovne ;o))

12:19 AM, October 11, 2005  

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