Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The rare black caviar from the Caspian Sea

Going to Azerbaijan means it is very likely that you will bring a can of caviar with you back home. There is the fish sturgeon to be found in the Caspian sea from which black caviar is produced. There is one single company that produces caviar (along with other fish products) in Azerbaijan, the Capsian fish. It is a private company of the president, I was told. Caviar would be sold only in big stores for outrages prices. This Caspian caviar is also being exported all over the world for the price of 1200USD/1kg.

Now for all the caviar lovers with empty pocket. Although it is forbidden to fish the sturgeon for personal or business use, there are some that break the law, of course. Hence, there is cheaper caviar being smuggled to the local markets. One can buy caviar from cca 25USD/100g. But there is always the threat of buying bad product so you might want to have locals recommend you some place where to go shopping. Thank god I am not a fan of caviar and thus I am saved of all the inconveniences connected with buying one single tiny little can which is emptied within no time if you put a healthy layer of caviar on a slice of bread. :o)))

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