Saturday, August 06, 2005

Petroglyphs and mud volcanoes in "Ravine land"

About 60km south-west from Baku is a village called Qobustan. It looks like any other village though has quite unusual surroundings. So of course a great place for a trip. Although maybe not too wise to go over lunchtime, one gets bit hot in the open sun. :o)

The first place that we visited were the mud volcanoes. They can be found some 15min away from Qobustan though the roads that lead there aren't really roads. As you reach the top of the hill this view suddenly opens. Tens of little volcanoes that constantly bubble and gurgle. It is really funny if you have along a person that gets easily frightened. Cause as soon as this "blub" sound comes up from the volcano, the person is likely to jump out of fright. Hihihi.

But so to continue, we headed back to the village and took another road that led us to a place known for its rock engravings. Firstly you are ushered to a small museum adjacent to the rock mountains. There you can see different stone objects, ceramics, tools etc. that were found in the caves around. Then you proceed to the rocks itself.

First to see is a huge stone called Gaval-Dashy which you can hit with another stone
and it rings like a gong. Then a small path leads you to different caves where you get to see the petroglyphs. The engravings show people, animals, hunting scenes. Also the rocks itself have quite unusual shapes due to being weather-worn. The place is really amazing to visit.

By the time we finished this little circle around the caves and rocks, enjoyed the view from the mountain over the sea, we were too hot and too tired to spend more time there and so we headed back for the car and back to Baku (in search of air conditioning).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mart'a
How hot were the mudpots? Did you bring any samples for me?

12:17 PM, August 08, 2005  
Blogger Mart'a said...

I did not try the temperature, though was of course thinking of you. And I brought a lot of samples as a friend of mine decided to throw a big stone into the mud hole and thus my t-shirt was full of samples :P after the splash.

1:19 PM, August 08, 2005  
Blogger Devrim said...

Marta, what a wonderful blog you have here. Even when you think that you know almost everyone in the nomadlife community its nice to stumble a upon a gem like your blog and be very positively surprised.

Turk kardesinden selamlar, Devrim

1:26 PM, August 08, 2005  
Blogger Mart'a said...

Hi Devrim, thanks a lot for your words. It is nice to hear that you like it!
Cox sag ol, Mart'a :o))

1:54 PM, August 08, 2005  

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