Monday, August 08, 2005

Lada is the one...

The traffic is incredible in Baku, the streets are constantly full of cars ... with impatient drivers behind the wheel. They drive fast and if someone/something annoys them, they just blow their horn; the often, the longer, the better.

Pedestrians are one of the things in their way. Here they do not even pretend to stop, they just go... if you have courage and you jump in their way, they will just drive around you... they will simply not stop. There is green and red light for cars, if you as pedestrian want to pass the road and you wait for the cars in the parallel street to get green light, you are still not granted that you will pass the street as the cars that turn from the parallel street will not let you ...

And if you think there are a lot of Skodas on Czech roads, then you have never seen the amount of Ladas that are on Azeri roads. Where you look there are Ladas, all pretty much the same type. Some new, some old, some ancient (those hold together byt the willpower :o). When sitting in these (usually the taxis) you feel like holding the door and the seat and the roof to make sure everything stays together for the duration of the drive. (And you feel like putting a pillow under your but not to have it scratched from the road :o)).

But do not think there are no nice new cars around... on the contrary. If you fancy new cars and would want to see some newly released car on the street, come to Baku. This German tourist walks with Azeri friend in the streets of Baku and he notices this smashing car pass by... WOW, he thinks and asks his Azeri friend what car is it. The answer he gets, well that is the new version of mercedes of course! It seems Azeri people buy the new versions straight from the Auto Exhibitions :o).

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