Thursday, August 25, 2005

How did it all start...

I think the very first impulse came from my friend Dasa... some years ago :o) she was writing her diploma thesis on Mexico and went to Mexico and I thought then ... ONCE when I will be writing my thesis (I never doubted I will write them about some country) I will also go to that country! And there the idea was planted.

Few years of University lectures passed, a necessary nuisance for each aiesecer, and I got to the point of actually starting to consider writing my diploma thesis. That was also the time when I chose my minor, Developing studies, and so I was only a step away to deciding that I want to write about some developing country. Next was my "knowledge" of Russian that needed quite some dusting and the region was thus pretty much determined.

I fancied the countries in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, these three particularly)... but suddenly I received an email from a friend from Azerbaijan who was telling me about a forum that is taking place in Baku and where I could apply. I was lucky to be selected among the participants and so thought... since I go to Baku, they do speak Russian there (well, I though they speak much more Russian than they actually do :o), I could try to contact few NGOs beforehand and ask for interview. That worked out, I met with some when being in Baku and one of them at the end offered me an internship.

And so the country that I was to write thesis about was chosen. I started to read more about the region, learnt more about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and was ready to come back in the summer to explore some more. It is really fascinating to be here... although of course it has few drawbacks (if you continue reading my blog you might sense what those are :o).

The NGO that offered me internship is called Save the Children. I have been working for them for 2 months now and I have some 2 to go. This of course gives me plenty of opportunities to learn more about the country, get to understand it a little and, of course, collect some information for my thesis. Except for that it is a brilliant possiblity for me to gain some working experience in non-governmental sector, not to mention the cultural impact ;o).

And as an old aiesecer I could not resist but to offer my services to Baxtiyar who is right now establishing AIESEC in Azerbaijan. And with reference to my age I can as well call myself ... the Senior Adviser, hihihi.

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Blogger imelda said...

interesting! thanks for sharing... i wonder where you are heading for your doctoral dissertation:-)?

6:07 PM, August 25, 2005  
Blogger Mart'a said...

hahahaha, good point. But with my speed of studying that will not worry me for quite some time ;o)).

6:05 AM, August 26, 2005  

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