Monday, August 08, 2005

Back to Nabran...

Last week I got to go to Nabran for three days again ... this time I was participating in a conference that was organized by one of our departments. The conference was devoted to one of the programmes that have been ending this month, so people that worked on the accomplishment of the programme the past two years in different regions had the opportunity to get together and relax a bit.

First day was thus arrival and afternoon and evening we spent in the pool and by the sea. Second day was the actual working day, but with a long lunch break to get to the sea again and in the evening, after a fancy dinner (well, all the meals were fancy :o) there was a disco. And the third day except for the departure was again more relaxing day.

The conference was organized in Atlant, a sea resort hotel. So the place was much more fancy than our previous place. But all the "comfort" was coming in the same package with tens of people all the time around you and with all the noise that loud music can make during the night/morning hours... so I was actually really looking forward to come back to Baku to rest a little.

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