Saturday, July 16, 2005

Tea drinking

Hot sun from the morning till the evening every single day from June till September, all shades full of people, sweating bodies, tired faces, the feeling of thirst constantly inside you... and thus this deep desire for refreshing cold drink! Me and some of my Azeri friends come to an outside restaurant where one sits in a shade but only wind can cool down the heat of your body... and then we order... hot tea!!

It is huge huge habbit here (guess like in all post-soviet countries)... tea is drank any time of the day, by any type of people. And since one gets to see mainly men in the restaurants then one wonders where the heck the beer got lost! :o)) I never would think how funny it is to see bunch of young "cool" guys joking around in a restaurant having tea pot and cups on the table!

And the way of drinking? They have these see through glasses for tea and then everyone also gets a tiny plate where you put jam with whole fruits in it that you eat together with the tea. Yummy yummy. I am lazy, I just put several spoons of jam into my tea straight away. :o))

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