Sunday, July 31, 2005

Single Azeri women

There is quite a number of women not married at the organization that I work for. Well in a way no wonder since we are talking about country like Azerbaijan… But there seem to be more reasons to that.

Firstly, women are still expected to behave the traditional way. Baku might differ a little as women change; but men stay the same. A man expects his wife to care for him, to cook, to clean and to do all the necessary things at home. Warm dinner is simply one of the things that should be on a table when the man comes back from work. This approach quite surprises me out of a simple reason that women work as well the whole day… and many times it is actually the woman that has work while the man is unemployed. You see streets full of men during the day, sitting around, chatting with others, drinking tea…

As mentioned above, women are slowly changing, they are getting more and more like the western type of women, though of course the traditional upbringing is still inside of them… but many of them experienced life abroad and are now very open-minded, very decisive, not willing so much to accept the traditional way of male behavior (what should women wear, how should they behave in public…).

It was expected that women get married around the age of 20-21 and the age of 25 was sort off an upper limit (oups). But many women are now choosing career instead of marriage. Or they just wish to wait with the marriage. That is why a lot of them are still unmarried in their early 30s. The choice of career though creates also a problem of finding a suitable man who would be satisfied with a woman that has her own way of life and grows independent thanks to her career.
Also one has to take into account the war in the early 90s. Some young men died in the conflict and while the country went into an economical collapse a high percentage of men moved to Russia to find work (I heard the number of approx. 30%). There they get married to Russian women and that also decreases the possibility for Azeri women to find their husbands.

I only wonder if the more open-minded men go to Russia leaving the stubborn traditional ones behind in Azerbaijan. :o))

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