Saturday, July 16, 2005

Relaxing after work...

"Torgovaya" (Nizami street officialy) and Primorskaya seem to be the two places to be after work. It seems that all of Baku population - children, youth, middle-aged people, old men appear at some hour in either of these two places. The main goal of the evening is to simply relax... so there are literally thousands of people walking or sitting around on either of the two places.

"Torgovaya" is the main shopping street with any shop or restaurant you can imagine (and one of the two representatives of McD's of course), including regular market stands in one area. People are simply passing by, girls/women in groups, men in groups, families or couples. The quite surprising thing for me was to see that the men many times are holding their hands... (and that definitely does not have the meaning that one would immediately imply seing that in Prague :o).

"Primorskaya" is approx. 1km long sea boulevard with tree planted to offer some shade during hot days and nights. The sea wind though gives quite nice relief from the heat as well. "Primorskaya" except for the walk with the view of the sea and the two city ports on one side and the view of the city center on the other side, offers a lot more. You can find a lot of mary-go-rounds here and different game houses where people (mainly men) tend to go just to pass the time. There are also a lot of outside restaurants where you can sit and have refreshing hot tea to escape the heat. :P

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