Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Approximately 50km southwards from Reykjavik is a place called Blue Lagoon created from waste water from hot water plant. The process works the following way: sea water heated from the earth comes up as steam that heats up fresh water, then gets into liquid again enriched in high concentrations of silica - which creates the blue color of the lagoon. The lagoon itself is created by several little ponds approx. 1.6m deep.

The water used not to be regulated in the old lagoon place. So people could easily get stuck somewhere in the current of terribly hot water and had to climb up on some little rock island around. Then they would wave to get some "BL rescue guard" (hihihi) to save them. But few people actually even died getting stuck in the hot current.
Now the little ponds are moved to a new place few meters away from the old spot and the plant itself. The water is now regulated so there is no threat of hot currents any longer (or cold ones on that point :o). And of course the place is now totally commercialized. Big complex with restaurant, massage center, sauna, gift shops etc. But the place still keeps its uniqueness.
And being in the water is of course great fun, one can swim, relax by the bank, have a waterfall massage one´s back, put silica cream on face (you find that in wooden boxes in the water), have a regular massage in the water done by specialists, sneak into little private booths to talk:o), or simply order one coctail after an other from the passing by waiter (the richer ones only)... The water itself is actually also good as therapeutic properties against psoriaris (skin disease) and of course it has fantastic relaxing effect.
I heard that the lagoon is especially excellent to visit in the winter, when it is dark all around and snow is falling down on your face.

And if your think that you fancied the old style better, just a lagoon with no cabins to change clothes, to put swimsuit on in the car (naked works too) and run through the cold air to the hot and cozy blue lagoon then you simply have to drive 5 hours up north to a place called Myvatn and there you still find the lagoon like this... though business might soon get there too.


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